Homeopathy treats the whole person; mental, emotional and physical; and each patient is treated as an individual, with unique needs requiring uniquely chosen remedies specifically matched to those needs.The healthy person is a person who is free from sickness on physical, mental and emotional levels, and one who can maintain this health when kept in balance.
Health is a state of bodily 'ease'
Sickness is a state of bodily 'dis-ease'
Symptoms are the outward expression of the internal state of dis-ease. The messages that our bodies give first to draw our attention to our imbalanced state.
Quote: Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965)
'The cure of a part should not be attempted without the treatment of a whole.
If the head and body are to be healed, then you must begin by curing the mind - that is the first thing.
For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body - that the physicians first separate the soul from the body.'
A homeopath treats the whole picture of the patient; mental, emotional and physical aspects, and looks for the root cause/s of the presenting symptoms. It is the cause which requires recognition and treatment.

When we are out of balance; for example through undue stress, we produce symptoms. eg. rash, cough, pain, disease.
Quote: Martha Graham 1894-1991
'The body says what words cannot.'
Quote: Shakti Gawain
'Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically if we are willing to listen to them.'
3X= Low Strength
30C= Low Strength
200C= Medium Strength
1M= High
LM= Higher
-but much higher dilutions are often prescribed as/when indicated by the patient and their condition. Basically; in Homeopathy, it is accepted that the more a remedy has been diluted, the less of the original substance remains-if any. What DOES remain is the energy of the substance; the healing factor! And; very importantly, by diluting and shaking or stirring (succussing) at every stage of dilution; the more the healing energy of the substance is released and increased. It is the very individually unique energy obtained which is the healing aspect of each Homeopathic Remedy produced in this way.
Homeopathic remedies are commonly produced as tiny pills or sometimes as drops.
Quote: Hippocrates (460BC - 377BC)
'Healing is a matter of time; but it is also a matter of opportunity.'

The Homeopathic Law of Cure
Symptoms commence clearing in the reverse order of their appearance.
Healing starts from the top of the body and progresses downwards.
Recovery starts from within the body, working outwards; from major organs to minor.

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The word Homeopathy is derived from the Greek 'homoios' meaning - similar, and 'pathea' meaning - suffering
Homeopathy works on the basis that 'Like cures Like' i.e - a remedy that would normally induce a healthy person to fall ill; actually acts as a cure when administered to a sick person suffering from that same complaint!
Homeopathic remedies are then carefully matched to the root of this 'dis-ease' to kick-start the body to heal itself; to energetically bring about balance.
By taking the appropriate homeopathic remedy/s, the energy imbalances of the body and mind are re-balanced; thus kick-started to heal themselves, without any of the harmful side effects of some conventional (allopathic) drugs.
Conventional medicine (Allopathy) aims to remove the symptoms of many ailments and diseases. It invariably does not address or change the original reason (cause) for our becoming ill or out of balance, so we are likely to fall ill again if our symptoms are supressed i.e. symptoms only having been addressed, probably by the administration of drugs or an antibiotic.
This 'tells' the body that the attention it was seeking to be noticed (in order to be healed); did NOT work! Symptoms were suppressed/driven back into the body.
So it has to try and make itself noticed again; either in the same way (eg cough), or on a deeper sickness level (eg bronchitis). All of which is a waste of vital energy!
With Homeopathic treatment, there are also long-term benefits! The energy rebalancing obtained, due to the carefully matched remedies prescribed by the Homeopath; enable the body to throw off many 'bugs' and diseases that are encountered in our daily lives. The balanced body and mind are less susceptible. We can repair ourselves; on-going maintenance!
So; from a Homeopath's point of view; health is seen on a MUCH wider spectrum, encompassing the WHOLE person.
In Homeopathy, the Dose Strength of each remedy, (known as the potency) is especially chosen to meet the specific, and unique needs of each patient. Commonly prescribed potencies are;
---A baby was born with Eczema.
Mother was unduly stressed during pregnancy!
Baby's skin was treated with cortisone cream from GP.
Eczema kept recurring; more cortisone applied!
Reason for skin condition.
Following careful questioning of mother, was due to a very anxious and stressful situation the mother experienced during the pregnancy over a period of 7 weeks.. This huge anxiety was inevitably conveyed to the baby she was carrying .The baby was born holding this absorbed unresolved stress, resulting in the eczema.
Eczema was supressed and driven back into the body through the cortisone.
Eventually the body produced a deeper sickness; asthma, which continued into adult life.
If this state is also supressed with drugs, then the body will produce more serious conditions! eg bronchitis; pneumonia!
What the baby, all those years ago, had actually needed was treatment for the absorbed extreme unresolved stress/anxiety! The root cause of the eczema!
To get to the root cause of the sickness; we must peel away the outer layers; like layers of an onion; treating each exposed layer of imbalance, until we arrive at the core.