(From recent female patient 'J')
4 years ago I had a car accident where I damaged my shoulder, the pain and discomfort had got worse over the past year so much so I have been having physiotherapy weekly, taking prescription pain killers daily.  I had even had MRI scans to investigate it.  In the end nothing was touching the pain, I was in constant agony and my neck and shoulder movements were hugely restricted.
A friend had recommended I visit Diana, I was sceptical about reiki but I had nowhere else to turn & I was willing to try anything.
Diana greeting me in the garden with a friendly smile.  I was nervous as I didn’t know what to expect.  I was instantly at ease she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.  We talked through my history then she started to practise reiki on my shoulder and neck, I couldn’t feel the reiki at the time.  She moved up to my head, with all the stress of my pain I had horrendous tension in the back of my head the only way to describe this was my head felt like a balloon ready to pop!  Within seconds of her holding my head I could feel the tension draining out like someone had pulled a plug in my head it was instantly draining away.
By the end of my session I felt almost back to normal I had 90% of the movement back in my shoulder and neck I couldn’t believe how an hour with this wonderful lady I could feel so amazing after a year of agony.  I was relaxed, peaceful, calm, 90% pain free.
I continued to see Diana over the next few weeks, where I felt better and better as the weeks went on.
Diana also prescribed some homeopathic remedies for me during the day and at night, I continue to take these if I have any twinges.
I wouldn’t hesitate to call upon Diana again, and I am keen to learn more about reiki in the future.
Diana has a very very special gift, she is a wonderful lady and I am so glad our paths have crossed.
(From recent female patient 'M')
To an incredibly special lady in my life, thankyou for being there when all around me was so dark.
Many years ago whilst being in the depths of a nervous breakdown, i was very blessed to have met with Diana and in her i found a person who i could securely share my deepest pains.  I felt the total compassion and love which seemed to pour from her and her encouragement that i would make it through a most bewildering and lonely journey sustained me through my darkest moments.
Diana is like a balm to the soul, she is knowing and enlightened with a beauty so deep that just to speak with her leaves you with a feeling of inner peace and calm.  To know Diana is to love her and to that end i would like to offer my heartfelt feelings;
(These comments from female patient 'A')
Seeing Diana has completely changed my life. Before I came to Diana, I felt completely lost. I had been through a terrible year and had lots of baggage from years of using "crutches" to deal with pressures or negative life experiences. I had been to see different psychiatrists, counsellors, psychotherapists and various other professionals in the past, but they didnt seem to understand me or be able to help. I instantly clicked with Diana and trusted her immediately. Her approach was completely different to anyone I had seen before. She is frank and honest and is the most caring individual I have ever met. She gave me homeopathic remedies to assist with my mood and physical ailments such as IBS, and provided a homeopathic remedy to help me get over my addiction to stimulants. She also gave me Reiki which left me feeling completely centred, relaxed and grounded. I have seen Diana regularly and in each session I am able to open up entirely and she sees me for who I really am. I no longer suffer from the physical ailments which once plagued my life and I am completely free of all of the crutches such as caffeine pills upon which I used to rely. Seeing Diana has made me get back in touch with who I really am. I feel happier than I have in years and have made huge progress in my career, personal life and self image. I credit this entirely to Diana and owe my new positive and relaxed outlook on life entirely to her. I would personally recommend Diana to anyone and believe firmly that upon speaking to Diana just once to enquire about her services or make an appointment, that you will feel as completely reassured and confident in her as I did. Diana is a truly gifted individual and the world is a much better place with her in it. Thank you so much Diana.
(Extract from a letter from 95 year old female patient 'B')
"It was a very pleasant first encounter, was it not? The conversation flowed easily, with plenty of laughter as you very skillfully drew from me all the knowledge you needed.

I was reassured, for I realised how seriously you were taking the (homeopathic) Case, and later found how meticulously you work to discover the correct treatment.

You are consistantly conciencious; meticulous and thorough.

Your integrity shines out!
(Extract from a letter from an 18  year old female patient 'J')
"I doubt you will ever realise just how special, strong and loving you really are.
So many people see what's special inside you!

I see you as having such a special purpose in life, and I know you have, and will help so many people. You are such an inspiration to me!

You touch everyone who knows you; everyone you meet, and no doubt even the people you haven't met yet!"
"Diana exudes love and humility; always there for everyone with an open heart. She is selfless, respectful and dedicated."

"Diana is clear, precise and grounded."

"......always open to what presents itself (patient needs) and deals with her patients with humility, respect and love."

"She has the ability to see what is to be cured and the dedication to follow it through."

"I see a healer who has forged forward like a shooting star; beautiful, bright, powerful and full of opportunity."

(These comments from 'J', an ex-tutor)
(From a letter from a friend and Homeopath - 'D')
".....her ability to work deeply, accurately and intuitively; all of which is clearly demonstrated."
(from a letter from a friend and homeopath -'D')
(Extracts from a letter from female patient - 'J')
"Diana is a loving, open and honest lady who gets much pleasure from helping others make more of their lives.
She is a good listener and very astutely aware of the feelings and emotions of others; seeing homeopathy as part of a wider healing process.

She posesses a strong and clear determination to 'give her all' to every task she undertakes.

People bring out the best in Diana; and likewise, Diana brings out the best in people!"
(Extract from male patient - 'H')
"People are the better for knowing you!"
(Extract from a card from young female patient -'R')
"You always know what to say and do and everything is so much easier when your'e there!

You will never know how much I appreciated everything you did!"
(Extract from letter from male patient -'C')
"Wonderfully understanding; ability to empathise, not be judgemental. Considerable patience."
The following are extracts taken from written
remarks made by my ex-college tutors.
You have mastered the art of healing, the science of homeopathy and have become a gifted and knowledgable practitioner."
"Diana; you are a remarkable lady.
"Your gentleness has such amazing depth and touches many."
"...graceful lady with great healing skills."
"Diana, what a wonderful lady you are!
Thankyou for shareing your light and love and your peace which always surrounds you. It's been a joy to know you."
"Thankyou for the calm, thoughtful energy which you contribute."
"...an inspiration to all, and especially to me. Thankyou!"
(From a clinic report from homeopath- ' Professor M.')
"During case-taking, she was gentle and very practical.

Diana was a very confident and comfortable and has developed a good rapport and trust with the patients.

I wish Diana all the best and a brilliant and successful future in the practice of Homeopathy. She has been a pleasure to work with and her presence will be deeply missed in the clinics."
Visiting Diana was like a breath of fresh air.