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Hello and welcome to my web site!
Here you will discover a wealth of information on my personal approach to healing.

How I harmonise various skills and energy healings i.e. Homeopathy, Reiki, Counselling and Flower Essences.

How I blend them to meet the unique needs of each patient.

How this leads to balanced physical, mental and emotional health.
Many pains, diseases and bodily imbalances have their causes rooted in past traumas?

Homeopathy and Reiki with Counselling focus on the whole person and the experiences suffered over a lifetime?

Homeopaths work with the individual to re-adjust the balance necessary for a healthy body and mind?

Would you like to be supported and helped on the path to health, where you can talk freely in a relaxing and informal atmosphere?

Would you welcome a chance to discover the various health choices at your disposal and understand how they work and interact?
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Harmonised Healing REALLY can help YOU!

My understanding on Healing.

It is not enough to take appropriate remedies alone. To complete a person's healing from an emotional angle, we must identify, wherever possible, the original cause that led to the illness(es). To get to the root cause of the sickness; we must peel away the outer layers; like layers of an onion; treating each exposed surface of imbalance, until we arrive at the core. The patient should also understand that traumas, shocks etc, are stored in all cells throughout our bodies. Even when recognised as issues from the past, the blocks can remain until dissolved through the energetic healing and rebalancing of the emotions, mind and body (through Homeopathy, Reiki and Counselling for example).
The Cake Recipe Concept
Counselling; Reiki; Homeopathy; Flower Essences are Therapies, Remedies; Energy Healings. When selectively chosen and combined, are like a cake recipe consisting of a carefully balanced mix of ingredients which are harmoniously blended together to give a good finished result.
In those cases resulting from recent physical trauma (such as accidents, sports injuries etc.), I would treat the injury directly with Reiki, and by using appropriate homeopathic remedies for shock, healing ligaments,nerves, bone etc., and to strengthen the patient constitutionally to enable the body and mind to heal faster.

In the majority of cases, I need to look behind the obvious surface symptoms to seek out the hidden, deep-seated, roots which require the treatment.
For Example...
Are You Stressed, Frustrated or Angry?
Always Tired? So we would be looking at Why you aren't coping; at Where your energy is going; at What changes you can make; at How to manage your emotions, etc., etc. This would be supported by Reiki and appropriate Homeopathic remedies.
Given this additional vital knowledge we are then in a position to at last fully 'release' in order to move on in our lives!
My whole treatment philosophy is based on the concept of providing a harmonised treatment regime, individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient. By adopting this approach, I am able to thoroughly uncover and explore the core issues that are the very basis for the patient's complaints. Once these issues have been uncovered, I am able to identify the appropriate course of action and remedies. I will address the underlying cause of the illness or condition by using a combination of treatments; Homeopathy, Reiki, Counselling and Flower Essences, as appropriate.
In order to offer the most effective treatment regime, I provide a very flexible approach to appointment times, to fit in with patients busy lives. Treatment always starts with a very comprehensive consultation, which can take several hours. This is fundamental to building a complete picture of the patient and the issues to be addressed subsequently. After the first consultation, I usually commit some additional time to studying the case before arriving at an appropriate treatment approach. This might consist of any or all of the treatment methods at my disposal. Subsequent appointments usually take approximately an hour, during which time I re-assess the patient's progress and continually adjust the treatment as necessary. My support and treatment will continue for as long as the patient's need indicates, working towards a truly beneficial outcome.
Did they start as a coping, distracting or veiling mechanism? Because the original trauma and shock was so overwhelming? This may well be the cause of the dependence on alcohol, smoking, drugs etc. This is what needs treating. The cause which led to the effect of the addiction!
Severe Headaches?
Nothing seems to help permanently? I would be looking at what was happening in your life before the headaches first started. At what is on your mind. On what is being constantly pushed back into the recesses of your consciousness. This is what we would unravel together! And this is what I would treat. I would help you to understand yourself, and would support you through the healing process.
Severe Ankle, Knee, Hip Problems?
Are painkillers only affording temporary relief? These joints are the body's support mechanisms. I would be looking at your whole life and in what areas you had been or had felt very unsupported and alone. For example, deep emotional traumas like birth separation, bullying, painful and long drawn out divorce, prison sentence etc. The areas in your life when you felt so alone, and unsupported are the areas I would be treating.
Lack Confidence and Self Esteem? Depression?
When did this first start? What age were you at that time? Did you for example, lose a parent or suffer some other deep emotional trauma, or do you have a disability?
The above examples show my approach to the healing process and as my many positive testimonials show, my harmonised treatment concept works extremely well, especially when treating complex disorders and conditions. Treating the whole person rather than simply treating specific symptoms is the key concept that leads towards the desired outcome and continued self growth.
Quote: Plato (428BC-348BC)
'The cure of a part should not be attempted without the treatment of a whole.
If the head and body are to be healed, then you must begin by curing the mind - that is the first thing.
For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body - that the physicians first separate the soul from the body.'