Homeopathy (Grass-Roots) Course
Reiki 1 and 2 and Masters Courses
What you will receive is of great value; both to you as an individual and to those whom you may treat in the future. It is a gift to be used for the highest good, and you will be priviledged to channel Reiki.
My Reiki courses are classes in which the members are encouraged to actively participate and to enjoy themselves as we go on a special learning journey of healing together.
It is where your abilities, knowledge and understanding will be expanded; probably beyond your expectations.
What to expect in my classes
To attend for two half-day sessions; ie Reiki 1, followed by Reiki 2 a few weeks later. Then a 'get-together' session within a few weeks so that healing experiences can be shared, discussed, evaluated and your questions answered.
All sessions are held in a peaceful and relaxed environment conducive to learning, which just happens to be my home! Depending upon the weather, I hold classes out in the garden, or the conservatory or even the summer house! In winter we are in the cosy kitchen.
There will be many and varied hand-out sheets, and you should also expect to take comprehensive notes.
Lunch will be provided.
You will also receive a short Reiki treatment as a taster experience so that you will have an understanding of Reiki from the inside out! Many people experience healing to some extent at these times.
Course Content is wide and varied, and bursting with hints, tips and healing cases which I share with you. But in brief the core content will include:
For Reiki 2...
•   You can expect to be introduced to the concept of tuning-in to your instincts, to be open to your intuition; to be mentally expanded and to discover broader horizons!
•   The history of Reiki
•   An explanation of what Reiki is; its wide and varied uses, eg healing to people, animals, plants,etc., and when to exercise caution in its use.
•   The five Reiki principles.
•   Distance healing versus hands-on treatments.
•   Hand position sheets.
•   How to approach healing, and what you should expect. Also what to explain to the patient; i.e. sensations they may feel and experience at the time and after the treatment. There is a lot to be aware of here!
•   We will discuss in-depth aspects on the use of Reiki Symbols, how to activate them and their accompanying words and phrases and you will receive these as hand-outs.
•   You will be encouraged to ask lots of questions to aid your understanding.
•   We will discuss keeping Patient Notes, using Disclaimer forms, the aspect of charging patients.
•   Also more symbol sheets, and more discussions.
•   Hand-outs on the Endocrine System and on the Chakras.
At the end of each course session, I will attune each student.

Before you leave after Reiki 2, I will ask each person to treat me briefly so that I can assess your abilities to channel Reiki Energy

You will also each receive a certificate for Reiki 1 and for Reiki 2 after the appropriate learning sessions.
Quote: Alfred Mercer
"What we learn with pleasure, we never forget"
My Fees
Reiki 1 - £100

Reiki 2 - £200
(this is Practitioner Level qualification).
Should you be interested in training to become a Reiki Master, do please contact me for information on the master courses I run.
Quote: William Arthur Ward
"Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts, it is acquiring understanding."
Quote: Goethe
"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming."
To read some of the feedback I have
received from previous Reiki courses
What to expect?
On-going advise and support.
Syllabus Outline.
Certainly to be mentally 'opened up', to have your perspective on homeopathy stretched; to have your interest turned into enthusiasm; to even experience a level of healing or of cure! This can come about simply from being in a homeopathically 'healing space'.
A certificate confirming your attendance and participation will be given to you on completion. (This will be useful when considering further homeopathic training.)
You will also be able to purchase a pack of the homeopathic remedies which will be covered on the course; enabling you to start treating people whenever you feel ready!
This one-day course covers basic homeopathic philosophy, principles, terminology and prescribing; leading to understanding and familiarity with Materia Medica and therapeutics.
Information on the preparation of remedies, their care and on how to take them.
On completion of this course, you will be equipped to prescribe and treat on a first aid/home/family level, for simple primary conditions.
Quote: Yehudi Menuhin
“Homeopathy is the safest and most reliable approach to ailments and has withstood the assaults of established medical practice for over 100 years.”
Principals of Homeopathy



Causes of disease

Constitutions of patients


How Homeopathic Remedies work

Treating Acute and Chronic Diseases; Physical, Mental, Emotional

Direction of cure


Minimum intervention



                       --Choice of remedy

Dose repetition
First Aid:--injuries to body- sprains, fractures, burns, bruises, insect stings, shock etc.

Physical ailments:- coughs, hay fever, colds, influenza, asthma, arthritis etc.

Mental and Emotional:-Shock from accident or bad news, fear, grief, anxiety and panic,stress depression etc.
Materia Medica
Physical First Aid remedies to be covered:-
Aconite, Arnica, Belladonna, Bellis Perennis, Buddleia, Bryonia, Calendula,Cantharis, Causticum, Chamomilla, Ferrum-phos, Gelsemium, Hypericum, Ledum, Merc Sol, Nux Vomica, Rhus Tox, Ruta, Silica, Symphytum.
Mental/Emotional First Aid
remedies to be covered:-
Aconite, Arsenicum, Gelsemium, Ignatia, Pulsatilla, Staphysagria, Bach Rescue Remedy.
Prescribing Skills
Case-taking:- gathering all relevant information in order to understand the case prior to prescribing.

Choice of remedy.

Choice of potency (strength of remedy).

Frequency of dose repetition.

Remedy reactions? How to interpret and what to do.

Supportive measures.

Knowing your limits!

Care of remedies.
Some useful and valuable snippets!!

How to make some remedies yourself, and depending on the time of year; some plants/flowers to take home with which to make them, too!

Discussions on some actual cases I have treated to broaden the learning experience.

Books to look at and discuss, ranging from simple to advanced homeopathy.

Advice re treatment of animals, and of plants and vegetables, etc.
And for the Really Keen student...
NB:- Remedy Kits containing all remedies covered will be available at cost price at the end of the course for anyone wishing to get started immediately!
Advice and discussion re the use of Remedy Machines versus traditionally made remedies. Does it matter? Do they work alongside each other?
More advanced Case-taking skills for the keen student interested in further training.
Discussion and advice re prescribing Single Remedies v. Combinations.
Experience and advice regarding further training options, recommendations, prospectus.
Additional forms of healing which complement homeopathy, e.g. Reiki.
My Fees
Full one-day course including comprehensive handbook and lunch : £125.00

Remedy kits available at £28.00
Quote: Mahatma Ghandi
“Homeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently.”
To read some of the feedback I have
received from previous Homeopathy courses
A comprehensive and informative 64 page handbook is supplied to each course student, to keep, and forms part of the reference and teaching material.