Major Homeopathic Figures Throughout History
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Dr. Samuel Hahneman
1755-1843 Samuel Hahneman, Germany - founded and developed Homeopahy.
1800-1880 Dr. Constantine Hering - USA - developed 'The Law of Cure', and wrote'Hering's Guiding Symptoms'; brought homeopathy to the USA, and helped set up The Hahneman Medical College.
1799-1879 Frederick Quin - Britain - brought homeopathy to Britain after studying with Hahneman. He founded the London Homeopathic Hospital in 1849.
1848-1916 James Tyler Kent - USA- developed Kent's Repertory (Repertory of Symptoms)
1849-1900 Dr. James Compton Burnett - Britain - synthesised different approaches; developed and expanded Homeopathic Therapeutics. He introduce new remedies, the use organotherapy( the practice of using homeopathic medicines in treatment of pathological conditions of specific organs of the body) and nosodes (remedies made from human tissue) and the treatment of the ill-effects of vaccination.
19th. C - Timothy F. Allen - gathered info. into an encyclopedia of Materia Medica- 1874
1853-1932 -Dr John C. Clarke - USA-wrote 'The Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica'.

Thus Homeopathy has spread around the world!