Possible Problem Areas...
The need for support
Lack of self-esteem
etc. etc.

Counselling is a form of therapy that is focused on the needs and goals of the individual.
The popularity of counselling reflects the strain and fragmentation of life in today's society and the need for support and understanding.
The diversity of counselling is a strength which reflects the enormous variation in human experience, strengths, weaknesses and perceptions.
Do you need help, support and understanding regarding unresolved problems or health issues in your life, that are wearing you down?
Would you like to regain your equilibrium?
Have you lost sight of what a wonderful and worthwhile person YOU are? (and would like to be reunited with yourself?)
Do you want to fulfill your true potential?
Quote: Juvenal (55AD-127AD)
'A healthy mind is a healthy body.'
Together we will take action to change the issues that surface for recognition.
A Counsellor recognises confused, wrongly directed life energy, and is skilled at identifying, unearthing and unravelling problems you are experiencing.
You will be shown how to recognise these issues, and together we will work to resolve/dissolve them.
I will approach your Counselling sessions from the angle of full mind and body healing; and will offer you Reiki Healing and Homeopathic remedies and Flower Essences; if any of these combinations are seen to be appropriate to your unique individual needs.
You will learn new life skills and strategies for both present and future.

You will achieve understanding and a newly balanced and harmonious perspective.

Your confused life-energy will be gradually freed and re-focused for
positive, life-changing results.
Quote: Robin Norwood
'Make your own recovery the first priority in your life.'
A Truth!-----
Emotional conflict is an absolute killer. It burns up so much vital energy that could otherwise be available and put to far better use. ---So--- endeavour to make clear decisions and then stand firmly by them. This conserves valuable energy with which to help yourself and others!

And a Fact!----
Yesterday has gone; we cannot change what has already happened. The concerns for tomorrow may never come to pass.
--- So --- LIVE FOR TODAY!!

You may find the following exercise useful!
Repeat this exercise as often as you wish. It will re-energise and help the mental and physical re-balancing and movement towards your future life.
Relax comfortably!
Close your eyes, and take in a deep breath. Hold it for a moment, .......and then expire.
Imagine bubbles of air rising up from the depths of a murky pond; and being released into the sunshine!
See the colours; sense the atmosphere; smell the scents and the aromas. 'Handle' objects; feel their different textures!
Remain relaxed as you absorb this enjoyable experience.
When you feel ready; gradually return to the present place and time.
Really focus your full attention on them,as they emerge on the surface.
See their rainbow hues catching the light, as the explode into freedom.
See these bubbles as your trapped energy, which is at last being freed, through healing! Energy which is now accessable to help you re-balance your body and mind!
Telephone consultations and evening / weekend appointments
may be arranged where appropriate.
Please enquire for further details.

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See your future life unfolding in a wonderfully positive and meaningful way.
Spend a few minutes 'living' this future!